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Up your Game with Crossloop GEN True Wireless earbuds and speaker. Yes you heard us right, the GEN comes with a High-Fidelity 3W speaker inbuilt in the charging case. Features instant connectivity with Bluetooth v5.0 that let’s you enjoy your music with an outstanding long range of up to 10m. The GEN TWS earbuds are powered by 6mm dynamic drivers, delivering a truly HD sound to your ears and soul. The GEN comes with Smart touch controls which allows you to manage your calls and music efficiently right through your earbuds and also allows you access voice assistant with 3 soft taps on your earbuds.

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Earbuds + Speaker

Share your music with everybody in the room whenever you like. Experience true audio bliss with GEN Earbuds powered by 6mm HD dynamic drivers and special Acoustic Noise Isolation technology. The Crossloop GEN also comes with a 3W inbuilt stereo speaker with heavy bass. Simply place the earbuds back in the charging case to activate speakers. The charging case supports charging while the speakers are turned on, so you never run out of juice. All this while being super lightweight and pocket friendly.

It comes with premium wood and leather finish

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Black Leather Finish

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Blue Leather Finish

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Pine Wood Finish

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Teak Wood Finish

True Wireless Connectivity

Experience true wireless connectivity with Crossloop GEN. Your Earbuds are connected as soon as you take them out of the case. To shift the audio from TWS to speakers, just place the earbuds back in the case and voila Audio will start playing from Speakers.

 Bluetooth v5.0  For Hassle free experience up to 10meters.

 LED notification lights to show connectivity status. 

Dual Connectivity: Connect your earbuds individually up to 2 devices.

  Instant Connectivity: Just take out of the charging case to connect. 

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Smart Touch Controls

Crossloop GEN comes with multifunctional smart touch controls.

One tap to receive call and again tap to hang up.

Tap and hold to decline call.

Double tap to switch between calls (for 3 way calling).

Tap and hold right bud for 2 sec to increase volume.

 Tap and hold left bud for 2 sec to decrease volume.

While playing music one tap to play/pause (side phone display).

  Double tap on LEFT to go previous track.

  Double tap on RIGHT to go next track.

  Tap 3 times on any bud to activate Voice Assistant.

Tap and hold any one for 4 seconds, both of them will power off.

Impressive Battery Backup

With Crossloop GEN get 20+hrs of playback  time with the case and 4hrs of playback time with the speakers. Non Stop Playback of up to 4H with each charge and additional 16+ hours playtime with the 500 mAh powered charging case. Comes with headset stand by time of up to 100hrs.

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1 Year Warranty

All our products go through a heavy testing on multiple levels to ensure the best end user experience. Crossloop GEN comes with 1 year product warranty.

Tech specs

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