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Our Story

Our Story

Our story starts with the spirit of looking at things differently. People are happiest when they are in their truest selves. This is why we must do things that we love to do. 

Crossloop stands for perennial continuity, an exhilarating experience one undergoes while engaging with things that bring peace to the mind. It is a venture of Incosi Fashions Private Limited. 

Crossloop offers an exclusive range of designer earphones, charging cables & speakers with high-performance sound in comfortable & stylish design. Crossloop Earphones come in a variety of trendy colours and designs as well! 

With an Indian lens on global trends, we are bringing designer fashion electronic product & affordability under one roof. Our products let you be you! We are highly committed towards offering you with the highest quality of products, that compliment your individuality in your way of life. Crossloop is a perfect accessory which can match up with the style, personality & mood of an individual. 

Wear Your Personality 

We are who we are. Our actions, fashion sense, our behaviour, music sense and everything else that we do depict our personality. We must not hide ourselves and confidently showoff the way we truly are. Wherever we go and whatever we do, we must wear our personality.

Wear Your Style

First impression matters and it starts from what we wear. It is important to find our own unique voice in the fashion world and to do that one must have style and not just fashion. Having our own style creates a way for us to express who we are.

Wear your attitude

Attitude defines our look and approach to life. It includes our inner thoughts and outward expressions. It is very important to carry positive attitude towards our life, style, fashion and who we are. 

Wear your music

Music has a way of expressing which cannot be put into words. "I wear My Music" will connect immediately with people who would love to match up their audio accessories with their own personality, style or mood.

Who We Are Today 

At Crossloop, we strive to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. Today, we are a Design-led fast fashion tech brand and we are celebrating 100000+ happy customers. 

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